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My fiction and liberal arts writings are all about the manifold needs and challenges of the Self in our contemporary, globalized societies. Following you will have the possibility to read some of my short stories and poems as well as one scientific article in English.

Short Stories and Poems

Photo by Magdalena Löschner, Lichtwinkel Fotodesign, shows cover ofPearls of Daily Life – Short Stories and Poems on Self-discovery

In the hurly-burly of daily life, our personal needs easily happen to get lost. An overextension of body and mind can even make it at times difficult to access our personal strengths.

That‘s why, in order for one’s Self not to be forgotten, I decided to write “Pearls of Daily Life“. In this collection of short stories and poems, fictional characters experience the joy of rediscovering their Self in manifold situations of everyday life.

Following short stories and poems can be read here:

As paperback & ebook available at:
As e
book also available at:

Reviews of “Pearls of Daily Life” can be found on the blogs “A Book and a Cup of Tea” by Lisa Holloway, “JBronderBookReviews” by Jessica Bronder, “Bookish Reveries” by Ravneet Kaur, “Just A Girl Kindleing” by Erin and “Read Along With Sue” by Sue Ward.

Photo by Magdalena Löschner, Lichtwinkel Fotodesign, shows cover of poetry-photo-book Forschungspoesie: Gedichte über das Menschsein

This poetry-book contains poems in German about being human that are inspired by the liberal arts research.
A similar version of the book in English is in work.

Following two poems in German can be read here:

Available as paperback and ebook at amazon.

Liberal Arts Articles

Articles in English

Identity Needs in Contemporary Melanesian Cities: Melanesian Fiction in Socio-Cultural Anthropology
Fictional Stories in Cultural Anthropological Research: Addressing Identity-related Needs and Problems

Articles in German

Tendenzen türkisch-deutscher Identitätsbedürfnisse: Belletristik in der ethnologischen Integrationsforschung

(Tendencies of Turkish-German Identity Needs: Fiction in Integration Studies of Cultural Anthropology)

Interkulturelles Zusammenleben Revisited: Belletristik als Zugang zu Identitätsbedürfnissen

(Intercultural Co-Existence Revisited: Fiction as a Way to Access Identity Needs)

Fiktionale Literatur als Quelle ethnolog. Identitätsforschung (Dissertation)
(Fiction as a Source of Identity Research in Cultural Anthropology)

This book introduces a new qualitative method that supports the access to identity-related needs and their challenges through the analysis of fiction.

The thesis is written in German, but the content is also available in English within my articles.