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Here you will find the prices of Personal Coaching in France sessions and Phone & Online Coaching sessions. All prices are in Euros. In order for you to easily convert the prices in other currencies, I’ve included a link to a currency converter. The prices include all taxes.

Prices of Personal Coaching in France

– Life & Career Coaching between Paris and Versailles –

Prices of Phone & Online Coaching 

– International Coaching –

First Meeting

in Chaville or
phone/video call:

20 – 30 min

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First Session:

1h 30 min

Your Hidden

140 €*


Each session:

60 min

Make Use
of Y

85 €*

Photo by Magdalena Löschner, Lichtwinkel Fotodesign shows pile mooring on sand beach and is used for separating the prices of LTC Coaching and Life Coaching over Skype

First Call

phone or video

20 min

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Phone &
Online Coaching

Each session:

45 min

Find needs-
and strengths-based

55 €*

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*All prices include taxes.

Payment Process of Phone & Online Coaching

Since paypal offers the greatest flexibility for secure payment worldwide, the payment of Phone & Online Coaching sessions takes place via paypal. This means, if after the free call you book a phone or online coaching session with me, you will receive from me via paypal to your e-mail address your invoice that will include an online payment button. The payment is managed exclusively by paypal, which offers you the greatest security possible. You can pay at paypal via credit card, debit card or your own paypal account. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

If you are currently in a difficult financial situation, please still don’t hesitate to contact me. If we both get the impression that my life coaching could assist you and we would like to continue together with a session, I will be happy to also accept payments by installments.