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Strengths-oriented Phone & Online Coaching

To be able to make my Personal Development Coaching worldwide accessible, I additionally offer a Phone & Online Coaching adjusted to a long-distance situation. My Phone & Online Coaching assists you with finding solutions to problems and conflicts in your current life situation. This process considers your individual needs in a culturally sensitive way and supports you in making use of your personal strengths.

Process of Phone & Online Coaching

First Contact Mail

If you are interested in my online coaching or phone coaching, please send a short message with a brief info about your problem or conflict and, if you want, already your question(s).

This can absolutely be anonymous.

Free Getting-to-know Call

Since coaching requires always a relationship of trust between client and coach, we will first arrange a free call about 20 min. This will give you the opportunity to get to know me and my approach better.

To arrange an online coaching or phone coaching session, we either can schedule an appointment during the free call, or you can still take your time and come back to me as soon as you feel ready for it.

Phone/Online Coaching Session

During your phone or online coaching session, I will refer to a combination of techniques that allows both of us to better understand your problem or conflict. This will provide the basis for a discussion of possible strengths- and needs-oriented solutions afterwards.

A phone or online coaching session is 45 min.
Online Coaching takes place via skype (or other video call software), either with or without camera.

Regarding phone call: If you have a fixed phone in an EU country, the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand (for further countries please ask), when I will call you there also won’t be any phone call costs for you.

To get directly to the contact form, please click here.

As life coach, I see it as my responsibility to support you on a holistic level. That’s why, if during your online coaching or phone coaching session I would get the feeling that your conflict or problem might have underlying causes that fall in the area of competence of a psychotherapist, I would feel responsible to talk with you about it in an empathic way.
In this case, I would be also happy to support you in finding a qualified and suitable specialist in your area – through assistance with clarifying your needs and through online research.

As certified mediator, I have committed myself to treating any information confidential. Only if you feel like involving a loved one would help you, we could do a coaching session together with her or him. But usually the sessions take place one on one.